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Friends & family

Outdoor Summer Party

Getting together

The house has been used as a gathering venue for friends and family from anywhere in the world. It has been a joy to see how many people make the effort to travel together!  So many of the groups also live in different places in the world and decide to meet their loved ones -  in the middle - in our house in Iceland !!  
Whether they are celebrating something or just decide on having an adventure together it's fantastic to be able to provide the space for them.  


Exclusive or not?

For transparency - unlike with other groups where we stay in our apartment at the top of the house. 

When friends/families hire the house we normally try to stay away and use that time to get away for a little break to see friends. 

Please don't expect this to be the case all the time though. 

We are discreet and stay out of your way.  You have the house for yourself. 


We understand that it's great to be able to self cater in Iceland - it cuts the cost of your trip considerably.
If however you would like help with the catering please don't hesitate to ask us what options we can offer you.
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